YK EV Charger

The YK Technology is your one-stop solution for e-mobility charging, which can supply a wide range of EV chargers including AC/DC EV charging station, portable EV charger, Type 1 / Type 2 charging cables, CCS 1/ CCS2/CHAdeMO connectors, adaptors, sockets, RCD, etc. 

About YK Tech

YK Tech’s slogan is “Where there is a will, there is a way”. We firmly believe that quality is the soul of one company, and also our relentless pursuit to present the best & most suitable products to our clients.

We can cooperate together to promote EV Business and make our effort to be CO2 neutral. YK not only supplies EV chargers, including EV AC/DC charging station, wallbox, smart portable EV chargers, Type 1/ Type 2 charging cables, CCS 1 / CCS2 / CHAdeMO connectors, adaptors, sockets, and EV other accessories, but also can provide OEM & ODM service to fit various needs about EV Charger. 

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