Why Choose YK EV Charger?

YK technology Co., Ltd is located in the Yangtze River Delta, where there is the biggest EV production basement in the world, such as Tesla in Shanghai, NIO in Hefei, and Phoenix Contact in Nanjing. The EV supply chain system is powerful and YK can supply all kinds of EV products to meet different charging solutions, like home charging solutions, workplace charging solutions, public charging solutions or commercial charging solutions.

1. Reliable EV Charging Quality

QC system & necessary certificate (CE & TUV) can not only guarantee the quality but also ensure your safe use, every piece of YK EV product will be tested before delivery.

2. Easy & Quick Charging for EV electrical vehicles

YK EV chargers are compatible with various cars. After having your own EV charging points, just plug your EV car in, walk inside and your own EV auto will be easily charged from empty to full overnight, even for several hours if you install higher power charging stations.

3. Various EV Charging solutions for your choice

EV Wallbox with socket/cable/RFID/APP, Portable EV Charger, , Commercial DC charging station, type 1/type 2 Charging cable , CCS 1/ CCS2/CHAdeMO connectors, adaptors, sockets, and other EV accessories.

4. One-stop solution Sourcing agent for small business

Besides EV products, if you need to purchase other products or cannot find suitable suppliers due to the small quantity, our sourcing team can help you to solve it.